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Diamond Vs Cubic Zirconia

Diamond Vs cubic zirconia

Here in this blog, we are going to learn about Diamond Vs Cz, Most of us know about diamonds but how much do we know about CZ? Let’s learn about this rare but revolutionary Gemstone in detail.

Have you ever seen a diamond ring at the cheapest prices online and wondered wow a diamond ring at this price is unbelievable or diamond must be fake. Only very few know that Cubic Zirconias are diamond simulants. They are not diamonds but are just like diamonds.

No doubt diamonds are and will stay expensive and rare. There are many factors that make diamonds expensive and there is no stone or gem till now which can replace them.

Diamonds are girl's best friends but did you hear about CZ? CZ or Cubic Zirconias are best friends for those who love to shine all the time. Well CZ is no less than diamonds, If you are a jewelry lover and with changing fashion trends you like to change jewelry too then CZ is the best option for most of us.

In this blog, I will show you the difference between both of these gems but that doesn’t mean any of these lack properties. I will stay while stating the differences and I will say both gems are important for so many jewelers and the jewelry industry.


Diamonds were first discovered in India around the 4th century BC. India once was the only source of diamonds in the world but not anymore. Diamond got its name from the Greek word “Adamo” which means invincible or unbreakable.

There is no founder of this gem known till now as it was used since ancient times. Diamonds are old and well used since ancient times, tho Diamonds are Diamonds, after all, You have to earn them.

When it comes to thermal conductivity no doubt Diamonds are prominent thermal conductors and fair electric insulators.

A diamond needs to be heated at 800-degree Celcius to burn completely.

Known as the hardest material on the planet diamond's hardness is 10 on the Mohs scale, which makes them unbreakable. On the refractive index, diamond stands at 2.42. Which means it reflects adequate light through it.

While placed in light or in sunlight diamonds shows a 0.044 dispersion rate or fire. for diamonds. If you want to buy 1 Carat Oval Diamond with GIA Certification, VS1 Clarity, and F Color then it will cost you around $4400 approx.

Diamond has more brilliance than Cubic Zirconia on the refractive index.

Cubic Zirconia:

Cubic Zirconia was first discovered in 1832 but It didn’t have any value at that time. But in 1937 two German Scientists made an important discovery in the timeline of Cubic Zirconia which further in the 1980s came to known as the cheapest diamond simulant to use in jewelry.

Cubic Zirconia doesn’t have any particular founder as several discoveries were made on CZ for many years but we can give credits to those 2 German Scientists due to which CZ gains much importance in its history. Hence its name was kept from its chemical name itself.

while Cz is new and it has so much to offer to people in this competitive world

Cubic zirconia has a hardness of 8 to 8.5 on the Mohs Scale fairly hard as diamond. Cz has pretty low brilliance as compared to diamonds it stands between 2.15 to 2.18 on the refractive index.

To melt Cubic Zirconia it needs up to 2540 degrees Celsius of heat.

It needs more heat to burn CZ even though its not as hard as diamond.

When CZ comes in contact with sunlight or light it reflects an 0.066 dispersion rate or fire which is more in comparison with diamonds. But cubic Zirconia reflects much fire or dispersion than diamonds.

While Cubic Zirconia is a thermal insulator.

While in the case of Cubic Zirconia with the same properties will cost you only $20 hardly. Cubic Zirconia is much cheaper than diamonds.

Conclusion — Diamonds were discovered before Cubic Zirconia and still haven’t found any better replacement. Diamond is hardest than Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia reflects much fire or dispersion than diamonds. Cubic Zirconia is much cheaper than diamonds.


Conclusion — Cubic Zirconia is much cheaper than diamonds.

So it's concluded that diamonds are better in some aspects but CZ has even won at many and most importantly on price. Maybe this is the reason why most of the jewelers across the globe are now using Cubic Zirconia instead of diamonds in their high-end jewelry collection.

I really hope at the end of this blog, you are not confused between Diamond and Cubic Zirconia. Also, as per my suggestion buying Cubic Zirconia jewelry won’t be a bad idea as it has its value too and that’s why it is called diamond simulant. Thanks to German Scientists and all those scientists who introduced this diamond simulant to the world. That’s all from Diamond Vs CZ.



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